One Bourbon, One Scotch & 4 Marketing Topics You Must Consider When Marketing Your Bar

Marketing by definition is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. In terms of developing effective bar marketing, you have to create a unique atmosphere and offer promotions that are going to attract loyal patrons long-term.

I have complied a list of the top 4 things you have to consider when marketing your bar.

Check. It. Out.

1. Hone In On Your Target Market

This one is arguably the most important thing to consider when marketing your bar, because it is the groundwork that determines whose even going to walk in your door. Your bar’s target market is the ideal group of customers that are most likely to buy into your bar concept. To identify your prospective customer, consider the characteristics of the local population, foot traffic in the vicinity of your location, and your preferred clientele. I want to note preferred as what you want in a customer, isn’t always what you get, and it might not be the most optimal profile to drive real business.

You then have to go deeper when looking at these factors, with considering demographics and psychographics to ultimately shape your bar’s marketing strategy around the preferences of your ideal prospective customer.

2. Creating Your Culture

Your bar culture is the type of experience you create at your bar and should be based on the customers you’re targeting. Bar promotions are often methods used to attract those customers, like events and specials. It is important to keep in mind that the promotions you offer gotta jive with your bar’s atmosphere and entice new customers to come in for a beer… Or three.

3. Establishing an Online Presence

Your bar’s online presence is the primary way people will discover and review your bar in 2018. You can’t simply reply on just word-of-mouth anymore. Creating profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp are a must. These will be avenues for you to announce bar events and promotions and encourage the right kind of prospective patron to visit and review your bar.

4. Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

I briefly mentioned it in the last section, but word-of-mouth marketing involves encouraging people to recommend your bar to their friends and various acquaintances. It really is still the gold standard of bar marketing. Word-of-mouth can be your number one source of customers, but its only as effective as your bar and service is appealing. Harness your bar’s culture and promotions to establish your identity as the cigar bar, the go-to sports bar in town, or the best karaoke bar in your area, and word-of-mouth will spread quickly and crazily.

Studies have shown that 9 in 10 customers place the highest level of trust in recommendations from their friends, and it only makes sense.

Bottom line…

Bar marketing begins with identifying your target market and developing a strong bar culture to match. Create promotions that appeal to your regulars and a strong online presence and marketing strategy will grow your clientele.

This was only a little appetizer, to obtain the full write-up on my top topics that go into further detail, shoot me a message below with your contact info and what particular areas I covered in this blog post interest you the most. I would love to help out your marketing efforts and get seats filled at your bar!

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