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Our personalized-approach focuses on you and your goals. We evolve the strategy quickly, the idea becomes tangible, testable and creates immediate business impact.

When you partner to grow your business with Schiffbauer Consulting Group, you benefit from working with a team of expert digital marketing professionals.

Whether you’re looking to take the next step, or the first step, let us help you spark the potential of your business today.

Your Marketing Team

Paul Schiffbauer

Principal Consultant – Partnership Concierge

LinkedIn Profile | consult@paulschiffbauer.com

Growing up around his father’s tavern, Paul developed a passion for small business. While studying at York College of Pennsylvania, he would go on to start his own business in the home furnishings industry. His startup company, Noir Gallery, grew from a single online store to a multi-channel retailer in under one year, selling products on industry-leading e-commerce properties including Wayfair and Home Depot. 

Paul specializes in marketing strategy for service-based businesses aiming to expand their market presence and achieve digital transformation.

His core focus with every client partnership since Schiffbauer Consulting Group’s founding in 2018 is to to be a high-level service provider.

John Hampson

Marketing Solutions Architect

LinkedIn Profile | jwes115@gmail.com

John grew up as a programmer, but majored in English and Philosophy while operating an Amazon bookstore during college. After launching a print newspaper and magazine in his hometown in Louisiana, content and marketing became his major focus. John is excited to help clients craft their brand’s unique messaging and reach their target audiences with precision. John, currently living in Arizona, has years of expertise running profitable campaigns and over thirty active certifications related to digital marketing. John specializes in optimizing end-to-end customer experiences spanning multiple channels and audiences.

Matthew Schiffbauer


LinkedIn Profile | matthewschiffbauer@gmail.com

Matthew is more than a guy with a camera, he is an accomplished videographer and content creator who has worked on professional film sets and has over 30,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel. Matthew is knowledgeable about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest editing software and cameras. At Schiffbauer Consulting Group, Matthew helps create content that will engage your audience.

Stephen Jacoby

Executive Assistant – Project Coordinator

LinkedIn Profile | support@schiffbauerconsultinggorup.com

Stephen is the youngest gun at Schiffbauer Consulting Group. His job is to ensure things move forward internally with Paul and with clients from a scheduling and task standpoint. His interests outside the consulting group include cars, particularly his Honda Accord, and Burberry.

What People Are Saying About us

“Thank you to Schiffbauer Consulting Group for creating a brand new Shopify website and for revamping our logo! We are thoroughly enjoying our highly functioning online store with great ease and knowledge, which Paul’s team provided us with.”

Julie Lilienfeld

“Paul is the perfect marketer to work with in the current world. His knowledge is diverse across all forms of businesses and what he may not know, his research and homework allows him to instantly make an impact on your business needs. Paul is driven to work with you to achieve whatever goal you may have while being there every step of the way ensuring you are achieving results.”

Nathan Bilbie

“Paul is a creative genius. I have seen first hand the effectiveness of Paul’s strategies. He is client-focused and results driven. If you don’t have a marketing-focused member on your leadership team, allow Paul to serve that role for you and watch as he delivers results.”

Brian Korman
Spark the potential of your business today.