Applying the Triangle Offense to Your Business Strategy

With all the hype of ESPN’s The Last Dance, we figured we would spotlight Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the NBA’s greatest offensive strategy: the Triangle Offense.

The triangle offense is an offense strategy that combines perfect spacing with a series of actions based on player decisions resulting in a successful basketball offensive system. Head coach Phil Jackson won 11 NBA Finals with the triangle offense. The strategy has been considered the single most dominant offensive attack in any major sport over the past 25 years, and its principles can be applied to how your business implements its own strategies.

 Phil Jackson and the 2nd best play of all-time after LeBron James, Michael Jordan.

Phil Jackson and the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

The triangle offense as a whole is predicated on everyone knowing their roles and various skillsets. From a business context, all the players from leadership down to sales associates need to know the intricacies of their company’s strategy and how to best put it into play to support one another. This can prove challenging at times. Especially when your strategy may not be clearly defined.

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls at one time didn’t have a clear and effective strategy.

The Bad Boy Detroit Pistons’ “Jordan Rules” was an effective strategy that defeated MJ’s Bulls in 6 games in 1989 and in 7 games in 1990. Finally, in 1991, the Bulls defeated the Pistons in the playoffs, neutralizing the Jordan Rules with their newly installed triangle offense. The Bulls went from a team that focused on Michael Jordan as its primary offensive option to a team that became unpredictable with its ball movement and offensive sets, and the rest is history.

 How the Lakers implemented Jackson's triangle offense.

How the Los Angeles Lakers implemented Jackson’s triangle offense.

Often times, businesses have to reposition their strategy in order to continue to grow, just like the Bulls.

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We’ve guided businesses in over a dozen industries and have the tools to change the confidence and the game plan for your organization. Just like Phil Jackson.

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