Our personalized-approach focuses on you and your goals. We evolve the strategy quickly, the idea becomes tangible, testable and creates immediate business impact.

When you partner to grow your business with Schiffbauer Consulting Group, you benefit from working with a team of expert digital marketing professionals.

Here’s the story of how we sparked the digital potential of Specialty Tree Service:

About: A 40 year old tree service company that relied on primarily traditional forms of marketing prior to partnering with Schiffbauer Consulting Group.

Engagement: Web redesign, content creation, ongoing pay-per-click advertising, advising & consulting.

Results: Post Digital Uplift, marketing efforts are better measured as converted sales activities. Reported a 5x+ return on their monthly retainer and advertising budget since paid ad efforts began.

A digital-first approach isn’t brand new, but we have been able to perfect it for the business who has hit a wall in their online growth.

Are you a business owner who is ready to break through their digital marketing ceiling?

If so, contact us today to take your business to new heights.

 “I’ve met with and dealt with many different individuals and companies over the years who were offering their marketing services to me, but they never really made me feel like my business was important.”

Brandon Ritz

“Paul comes in and he explains each detail. Every part of the pie chart, every number that is coming in, down to the details of the dollar amount that it costs to get a call to your office, and that’s really valuable!”

Brandon Ritz

  • Overall Cost Per Paid Lead (Facebook, Google): $15.14
  • 378 leads from digital marketing related efforts (December 1st 2020 – June 15th 2021)
  • 9% Goal Conversion Rate on Site
  • 8% of leads from Paid Sources

What People Are Saying About us


“Thank you to Schiffbauer Consulting Group for creating a brand new Shopify website and for revamping our logo! We are thoroughly enjoying our highly functioning online store with great ease and knowledge, which Paul’s team provided us with.”

Julie Lilienfeld


“Paul is the perfect marketer to work with in the current world. His knowledge is diverse across all forms of businesses and what he may not know, his research and homework allows him to instantly make an impact on your business needs. Paul is driven to work with you to achieve whatever goal you may have while being there every step of the way ensuring you are achieving results.”

Nathan Bilbie


“Paul is a creative genius. I have seen first hand the effectiveness of Paul’s strategies. He is client-focused and results driven. If you don’t have a marketing-focused member on your leadership team, allow Paul to serve that role for you and watch as he delivers results.”

Brian Korman
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